Friday, October 18, 2013


Another fabulous sunny, warm Friday!  And...our phones have been ringing off the hook with sellers wanting to consult on how best to prepare their homes for the Spring 2014 market.  It is quite amazing the impact TV real estate shows have on the market - now most people are aware that they need to declutter, paint & update to create a positive first impression.  And, we are only too happy to advise which improvements are worthwhile.
The ironic aspect of all this is that, right now, our market is active with an increased  number of sales and a decreased inventory, making it the ideal time to be a seller. As interest rates have risen and a further rate hike anticipated for the New Year, buyers are jumping off the fence and buying homes.  So...if you are contemplating selling, now is your moment - especially if you own a detached home or a townhome. The Spring market will bring greater competition along with less opportunity to achieve the upper end of your price range.  We are  always happy to discuss the market with you and analyze the endless statistics.

On a political note - if you are a Coquitlam resident remember to get out and vote Saturday, October 26 for the by-election.  11 candidates  are vying for two vacant Council seats and can be heard at 2 All Candidates meetings this week:- Wed. 7pm Douglas College - David Lam Campus and Thurs. 7pm, Banting Middle School. Make it a great turnout!

When it comes to real estate we've got you covered!  


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