Monday, January 12, 2015


Happy New Year - may 2015 be healthy, happy and prosperous. As we plan our business year once more, we fully appreciate our clients' loyalty in continuing to hire our team for themselves and their families. We are also unendingly grateful that they have confidence in recommending us to their friends and colleagues. Thank you so much - you make our professional and personal lives so much more enjoyable by introducing us to your circle, where we immediately feel connected and resolved to live up to the testimonial you have passed on! Our reputation is our most valued asset and your satisfaction paramount. The real estate business is always interesting, fascinating and diverse, but the relationships forged over buying and selling are the greatest job satisfaction. Regardless of the ever changing technology, I am happy to say that this is still a people business.

2015 starting with a bit of a whimper as listing inventory so low and lots of buyers out there with nothing to purchase. So, if selling is on your mind NOW is your moment - prices are always stronger when there is virtually no competition. And buyers are intent on using those low interest rates. Call us to check it out.
Have a great week with a superb year to follow. And...remember, when it comes to the wonderful world of real estate, whatever the climate, we have you covered. Sheila

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