Friday, August 21, 2015


Summer stretches on..... So dry that the leaves on the ground seem like an early Fall except for the temperature! Easy to take for sun worshippers, convertible owners (in the interests of full disclosure, I own one), airconditioning manufacturers & restaurants with patios - not so easy for home gardeners, commercial landscapers & nurseries, car washes and small businesses doing power washing etc. At level 3 water restrictions, most of us would settle for a little rain.
The current real estate market is somewhat like summer - our hot detached market stretches on defying all predictions. Great for most detached sellers - frustrating for buyers. If a home is presented well, priced in the ballpark of recent sales and is either beautifully maintained or renovated, it is sure to be sold either close to, at, or over asking price. And...the buyers of these properties are constantly in competition to purchase - they would definitely like some better balance in the market place. Downsizers would love more choice in larger apartments while owners of smaller condos would like more buyers!
Will be interesting to see what end of August & September bring - could be like endless summer!

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