Friday, June 17, 2016

Congratulations Dads and Grads! This is your weekend to celebrate!

Treasure the time with your Dads - whether that's in person or, if they are further away, via all those other means at our disposal these days. Somehow, we only value Dad's wisdom when we have more life experience than this weekend's grads!
For our grads, it's stepping out into the unknown, unfamiliar territory with family and teachers' blessing. Know that your community, small and large, will still be here to support you - don't be lonely! It is good to remember all your new fellow college / university students, apprenticeship beginners & new workplace colleagues are all in the same boat - feeling apprehensive. A confident smile & word of encouragement can change the atmosphere and make new friends.
We wish all the new grads great opportunities and experiences! And Dads - enjoy your day in the spotlight!
Has real estate ever featured so largely in the media of every type? Not in the past 40 years I don't believe! No time has ever been better than now to hire a full time professional, experienced realtor. With the current changes in real estate contracts and with a cooling of the hottest market on record, pricing right is imperative for SELLERS now to maximize their investment. And BUYERS - don't go to new projects without your realtor. The salespeople there can be licensed or unlicensed and, either way, they are representing the builder / developer wanting the best deal possible for their employer. We are happy to go with you even if you're just checking it out. Buyers make assumptions about projects which are not always correct or helpful. ever the Francis & Hawthorne Team has you covered. Enjoy the long days - summer begins on Tuesday.
Your partners in real estate - Sheila and Michelle.

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