Monday, April 14, 2014


Cheapest isn’t always best!   Strangely, we know that’s true when we’re shopping for anything else, but we still tend to believe that lowest rate is the one and only factor in choosing a mortgage. Unfortunately, that low-rate mortgage you keep reading or hearing about, could actually cost you more in the long run...much more!  A cut-rate mortgage could have you locked in to a very rigid contract filled with financial “trip lines” that could work against you down the road.  Sometimes those cut-rate mortgages come with higher fees, penalties, or restrictive terms, which could provemore costly over the long term than a slightly higher-rate mortgage with flexible terms.   I can help you find the right mortgage with the rate, flexibility, and freedom you need to be a happy homeowner and line you up for the best situation in the future.    
But before you even start shopping around for your new home or think about selling your current home, be sure to call me about getting properly pre-approved and understanding what happens with your current mortgage.  Sure, you may own a home now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean if you sell or port, you will automatically qualify.  Chances are your circumstances may have changed since your last mortgage, or your Lender’s rules were not properly explained to you the first time.   I can help answer any questions and give you peace of mind for those very important next steps.

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