Friday, April 25, 2014


Showhomes in developments are so cleverly and temptingly put together that it is just too easy to be impulsive - carried away in the moment!  What happens afterwards can be very happy or have the most stressful consequences.  Before committing yourself to a contract with deadlines and large deposits, check out the saleability and price of your current home.  Perhaps your home is not yet ready to market, perhaps there are negative aspects to your home which require some mitigation or even a large unanticipated discount and finally, perhaps it doesn't sell in time to pay for your new one and you can't get bridge financing from your bank.  This is the type of stress one of our clients is living with right now and has permitted me to share to prevent  another person being in a similar position.  Remember, salespeople in showhomes are not there to give sound advice about the wisdom of buying before selling, or to advise you to check out the value and saleability of your home, or even to ascertain that you qualify for a bridging loan in the event your current home isn't sold in time - they are there only to sell the developer's property at the developer's price and terms. We,at Francis & Hawthorne Team, are not restricted to selling a particular development and our reputation has been built on working in our clients' best interests, always looking for the least risk and stress. We know you sometimes don't want to "bother" us, when you're just tossing around some ideas - please do, and consult with us, so we can come up with the best strategy to get you where you want to go without facing huge financial stress. We are happy to visit the showhomes with you and analyse a time line & value for the sale of your existing home - this is our business and we love it.  The old expression - "act in haste , repent at leisure" still holds true.  
Looking at all the wonderful gardens, Spring  really has sprung and is beautiful.  Have a great week with some sunshine we hope.  Sheila

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