Friday, November 14, 2014


All the political campaigning will be over by tomorrow evening, signs will be down and new councillors and Mayors will begin the steep learning curve while the more seasoned municipal politicians will return to finish what they started. It must be such a let down after all the election excitement, then inauguration, to find that public interest goes into a steep decline and the Council chamber becomes a lonely place. Why do most of us only hold our politicians accountable at election time? With all the talk of transparency and public input, we need to do our bit - attend at least some of the meetings, give our input, support and continue to keep our elected politicians accountable. There are lots of committees where ordinary citizens can serve and get involved. With the advent of the Evergreen Line, there will be many changes in the TriCities - we must make sure they are what we want. Too late 2 years from now! So...join me in a New Year's resolution to stay connected and involved with our civic process.
In the meantime, exercise your franchise - GET OUT AND VOTE!! Congratulations to all the courageous citizens who put themselves out there and gave us the luxury of choice.

- Sheila

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