Friday, February 26, 2016

TGIF: Boomers Making Retirement Lifestyle Choices

Baby Boomers are the first retiring generation considering lifestyle choices - often well before they retire. Remaining healthier with a greater desire to travel, this group is opting for an earlier move away from gardening & home maintenance. Often dividing their asset, they are purchasers of recreational property - Whistler, Okanagan & Arizona have all benefitted.

Lots to think about, especially if you have been living in your family home for some time. We love it when people consult with us early in the game, so we can discuss the options and help them prepare their home for the market ahead of time.

Nothing worse than falling in love with another home, only to find your present home is not market ready!

We are really aware of what buyers expect and have the resources to share - the professionals who can help you get ready - handyman, painter,stager, organiser etc. Every family is different, so we are geared to be on your program at your pace. For the homeowners who enjoy their family home & garden until they are much older, the challenge is greater. Usually, there has been a longer time to gather "stuff" of all kinds, sometimes owners less able to keep up with maintenance and an overwhelming feeling at the prospect of moving.

We work with many of these owners to make the experience more positive by getting the help they need and taking things one step at a time. We even have a couple of companies who will orchestrate all the aspects of preparing and moving. Our job satisfaction lies in seeing these owners happily installed in their new home. We are pleased to offer confidential consultations at your convenience for the downsizers of any age!

And...finally - if part of being a Boomer for you is helping your kids get a foothold in the real estate market, nothing makes us happier than guiding first home buyers to a safe, solid choice where their investment (and yours) is secure.

Enjoy your week and.... Remember - whatever your age and whatever the climate, we have you covered.
- Sheila and Michelle

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