Friday, February 19, 2016


"Densification" is the current planning buzz word - and we see it all around
us. But the significance comes with the knowledge that Port Moody has made
the huge shift over the past decade from 70% of all homes being single
family residential to the present statistic of 70% of all homes being multi
family. Anticipated Population by 2040 = 58,000.

Coquitlam has experienced the highest growth in the region over the past 5
years - 2.62% with an anticipated population of 1 million over the next 20
years. 2/3 of permits issued are for multi family development. As Mayor
Richard Stewart said at this week's 'Municipal Update' - " the Evergreen
Line is changing everything".

Port Coquitlam, while still proud of its "small town charm" is experiencing
the 6th most density in the region and boasting the lowest property values
this side of the river. 2700 multi family units have been built in Port
Coquitlam since 2005 - 111 townhomes currently under construction.

All 3 municipalities are focused on the transit issues resulting from this
strong growth. For a cool distraction in the meantime, we look forward to
Port Coquitlam's first Grand Prix cycle race in July!

Have a great week - don't forget to be kind and wear a PINK SHIRT on
WEDNESDAY to support the annual anti bullying campaign.
In spite of the crazy real estate market and the rain, remember, we have you

Sheila and Michelle.

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